C.A.P.A.C. Politecnico del Commercio
centri servizi formativi
viale Murillo 17 Milano tel. 02/4030521
via Olgiati 14 Milano tel. 02/8188971 fax 02/89151821

CAPAC Politecnico del Commercio

Features of the services offered

CAPAC Centro Addestramento e Perfezionamento Addetti al Commercio, hereinafter indicated as CAPAC operates training services aimed at:

The training services are aimed both at the individual and the enterprises and social organizations.

The services are provided realizing vocational courses (e.g. in the catering, goldsmith's art, tourism, enterprise management) and tailor-made activities (e.g. job analysis) in order to guarantee, by suitable vocational training actions, the fulfilment of training needs detected and expressed both by individuals and by programmes of Public Bodies and by private enterprises.

The areas where the above said training services are realized are the Basic Vocational Training (first level vocational training), the Post-Diploma Vocational Training (second level vocational training), the professional requalification, the continuous training.

The history

CAPAC is a Fundation, aknowledged with President of the Republic Decree 9 May 1961 no. 1133, established by initiative of the Milan Province Trader Union, with the support as Founding Bodies, of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, of the Commune and Province of Milan, of the Milan Trade Fair, of Ministry Labour and Social Security. Since 1972 The Lombardy Region is represented within the General Board also including representatives of trade Union of the tertiary sector.

Since its Fundation, CAPAC "has walked a long path that allowed it to become a landmark within the whole training system of Lombardy Region and also outside it" (from the President presentation, 7 December 1996).

In 1994, the original venue in Viale Murillo 17, Milano acquired a new venue, presently located in V. Olgiati 14, Milano.

Main Clients

CAPAC, in compliance with the Statute principles, has substantiallly operated with both public and national and international institutions, according to national and international laws in force, all qualified to provide financial contribution in order to achieve the Statute objectives.

CAPAC also consider clients the direct users of its trainig services (students of vocational training courses, users of other services such as job analysis and guidance) and the territory enterprises, including students and users who participated in CAPAC activities.

Management system

As to the various types of clients, CAPAC uses tools suitable to measure, in a view of continuous develpmnet and in compliance with its Quality Management System, the satisfaction degree of its training services.

The expected development

CAPAC, constantly monitoring the market development where it operates, evaluates and realizes the necessary actions in order to guarantee and better its service levels, according to the development of external conditions, both aimed at adopting different approaching method with the commission client an/or aimed at widening its clients types, e.g. private enterprises with which it works directly.

The constant consideration of the market evolution is also addressed to the analysis of new profession that technology development (e.g. those related to the New Economy) require, in order to fulfil the more and more urgent job requirements of youth facing their first job experience and of workers requiring requalification.